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Area Church Leader Discovered to be Functional Atheist

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Sheep and Goats

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Thanksgiving Week: Day Two

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The Death of Satisfaction

Demotivation Short: Kids and Feather Dusters

Something Uniquely Deranging

Here a Little, There a Little

God and Grok and Going the Distance

This is Futile and Pointless

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Abraham and Abimelech

And the Women and the People

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Peace and Love

Biblical Principles for Everyday Life

The Bible Is Enough

Ok Zoomer

How Kind?

Take A Walk, Mend Your Sex Life

My Imago Dei Is Delicate and Complex

Arise, O Lord

The Toxic War On God

Be A Man, Go To Church

Demotivations Pod: Parenting

Feasting To Death

A New Vocabulary Word For Christians

Perfect Peace

Good and Evil

Demotivations: prayer and politics

That's Not How Any of This Works

War and...Peace?

Reckless Influencer Lamentations

A Post About Taylor Swift

Peace In Our Time

Looking For God In All The Places

My Imago Dei Is Irritated

Bespoke Patience

Middle Spaces So Quiet They Might Be Dead

Demotivation Short: Cooking and Complaining

Don't Be That Kind Of Mother

Studies Show

It Ought Not Be So

I'll Declutter If I Want To

Demotivation Short: Puritans All

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Thursday Morning Fever

Work and Fear and Failure

Do the Work

Demotivation Short: Burns and Boils

Go or Don't Go

Can These Churches Live?

Why Should I Bother?

"Christians" Who Don't Go To Church

True Demotivation

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Mompreneurial Glory

This Is Fine

And Then There Were Nones

Demotivations Short: Planet Fitness

Too Little Too Late

No One Will Love You

Too Hot To Handle

Like Sheep Without a Shepherd

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When Eve Reads a Book

It Might Be Easier to Become a Cat

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

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Demotivation Short: Reading the Comments

There's a Time and a Place

Quiet Despair

Conserving Clown World

Demotivations Podcast Short: Christian Nationalism

Lingering Between Opinions

Podcast Short: Women and the Gender of God

Put the Rock in the Jar First

Wheat and Tares

The End is Nigh

Podcast Short: Where Should You Live?

Where Are You From?

The Significance of the Passage of Time

Try Writing a More Interesting Story

The Power of Love

When Things Fall Apart

The "Universe" Is So Creative

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Happy Birthday America

That's Not Very Interesting

The Tweeters of Righteousness

Demotivation Short: No Resounding Gongs

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All She Wanted Was to Be Special

The Kingdom of Anxiety

You Can't Have It Both Ways

Here is the Church, and, oh no! Where are the People?

Purpose Driven Death

She Deserves a Garden and a Cake

Everyone Is Sad

Demotivations Pod: Church Nightmares

She Should Know

That Verse Doesn't Say What You Think It Does

Wednesdays are For All The Content Provision

No They Can't and Here's Why

Demotivations Pod: Uganda and the Imago Dei

God Is Love not Love Is Love

While We Were Yet Samson

Culture War Is Dead, Long Live Culture War

What I'm Saying Is

Demotivations Pod: Who Takes Up Space?

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7 Friday Takes: Run for the Hills

We're Doing It This Way

"Diversity," "Equity," and "Inclusion"

I've Been Boycotting Target For Years

Demotivations Pod: Neutral or Negative?

7 Short Takes About Children and Worship

Happy Ascension Day

Here, Have a Tab

Heaven is For Christians

Demotivations Pod: A Hill To Die On

Anne Reads the Comments Mother's Day Edition

Get Off My Lawn

Mother's Day Is Coming

Guilty Mother Syndrome

N.I.C.E and Positive Social Contributions

Demotivations Pod: More About Mary

Anne Reads the Comments 4

The Josh Butler Purity Spiral

The Evangelical Industrial Book Publishing Complex

Since The Lord Does Not Bless Sin

Actually, the Bible is God's Word

Demotivations Podcast: Dancing and Praying

Anne Reads the Comments Three

Four Books and a lot of Packing

The Food Down in Africa

GAFCON IV Kigali Commitment

Gafcon IV: Things Are Going Well

Gafcon IV: How Things are Going Again

Gafcon IV: How Things Are Going

Preventing Grace Podcast from Kigali

Where is the Kingdom of Heaven?

Air Travel Sure Isn't What It Used To Be

Resurrection and Other Rigid Dogmas

Anne Reads the Comments Two

This Precious Hour

NPR Ponders the Apocalypse

Demotivations 4: Trans Preacher Clips and English Bishops

What Happens When You Pray?

Score Keeping

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Isn't It Ironic

Should Safety Be The Measure?

The Only Way To Be Happy

Where Now Is Your God?

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My Imago Dei is "Soul-Certain"

Why My Imago Dei Loves The Patriarchy

Please Revere My Imago Dei

Lost Among The Pandas

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God's Best...Practices?

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Looking to the Interests of Others

Teach Us to Number our GNR

Unless the Lord Builds the TFR

For Lent I'm Starting a Substack