If you're anything like me, you might be tired of being pushed along, lectured, scolded, even, from every corner of the interwebs to "do better" and even "do the work." How is it that so many people can have so many ideas about what I should do, without even knowing who I am? I feel sure that the age of Motivation, of Potential, of working the fingers to the bone on Self-Help must be fading into the twilight. Surely! It must soon go away. In the meantime, allow me to demotivate you. Rather than relying on your own efforts, give up, take up the strange practice of radical dependence on Jesus. His yoke is easier and lighter. He will give you work to do, but none of it will come with a demoralizing to-do list or an expensive conference where you discover that the speaker turns out not to have her life together in the least.

I've been blogging since 2006, in the weeks before the birth of my third of six children. First at Undercurrent of Hostility on Blogspot. Then at Preventing Grace over at Patheos. This venture is the most epic of all, for in this blog, I am saying all of it again, only with more conviction, and even worse punctuation.

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